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For professional eye exams in Fresno, CA, turn to Jill C. Habib OD. I have 20 + years of experience in my field, and I believe in giving every patient individualized attention. I am the only person working in my office, and I handle every aspect of your care, from scheduling your appointment to helping you choose the right pair of glasses. For one-on-one, professional attention, choose my services.

Vision loss is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans. Sometimes, vision loss is only a minor issue, and you only notice it when you have trouble reading the morning paper or your favorite book. Sometimes, however, it is more serious, and negatively impacts your work, education, or day-to-day life. Whether your vision problem is minor or severe, seeking the help of an eye doctor will help you get your life back to normal.

At my office, you will receive an eye test to determine the extent of your vision problem. I will then discuss your options with you for correcting your vision: reading glasses, full-time glasses, and contact lenses are some of the possibilities. My personalized attention to your case will help me determine the range of options that will work for you, and I will help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

For professional and experienced eyecare for you and your family, you can count on me. I have decades of experience in getting patients the specific help they need to correct their vision, and I will offer you personalized care that you can trust. Give my office a call today to tell me what I can do for you.

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